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Michelle D. 

"I got the package today. It truly cheers a person up. I appreciate that more than you know. It's prayers coming from in my circle and among strangers that bring me hope."

Lisa F.

"Cancer is such a painful disease, and what you do helped brighten our day and help take some of the pain away."

Dawn M.

"I received a care package on Valentine's Day, and it made me so happy! I love everything in the box. Thank you so much for your kindness in sending this to me."

Started in July 2020, Cancer Relief Foundation is a teen-led organization dedicated to bringing comfort, joy, and support to the lives fighting cancer. We are on a mission to send out care packages to adults and children battling cancer throughout the U.S and offer financial relief to cancer patients in need. Every package is thoughtfully made with love and care, customized to every receiver's interest along with a hand-written card. 

The Nguyen Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation

Bring A smile to Cancer Warriors One Care Package at A Time

Together, we can brighten up the day of cancer patient everywhere!

Did you know?
All together, the average Care Package costs $25 to make and ship. Your donations help us send packages out regularly and free to families. Thank you for your support!

Dare to Dream Scholarship

The Nguyen Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation is proud to award a $500 scholarship to one student whose life has been impacted and battled cancer at any point in their life, which could be utilized to cover expenses for college textbooks, outstanding tuition balances, living expenses and/or other costs related to their education.

2023 Diana Award Recipient



Anh established 'The Nguyen Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation' in 2020, inspired by the loss of a loved one to cancer. This registered nonprofit charity focuses on bringing joy, comfort, and support to adults and children battling cancer. Anh has delivered over 400 cancer care packages, donated over $3000 to three families of paediatric cancer patients in need, and launched an awareness campaign advocating for paediatric cancer research. Anh’s charity has also launched a scholarship program for cancer survivors seeking higher education. Anh's inspiring journey from being a low-income first-generation immigrant to a USC Trustee Scholar motivates many to pursue their dreams.

Anh Nguyen Founder.png

WEGO Health Award Finalist 2021

Out of over 21,000 nominations, it was our honor to be named the finalist in the category of Advocating for Others. Thank you to all for making it possible!

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